Jewish + Chinese Wedding Bliss = Robin & Ray {St. Louis Wedding Photographer} Firefly Universe Fine Portrait Photographer

July 25, 2012 · Weddings

Adorable, fun, and perfect together…that’s Robin and Ray!

Your day finally came, and boy was it HOT (literally…it was over 100 degrees)!!  Still, it was a beautiful day.  Here are a whole lot of favorite shots from the day (and night)!

Good pals don’t come easily, but it’s obvious here that Ray is a lucky guy!

Here comes the bride!

I love that you incorporated both Jewish and Chinese traditions into your day to honor each other and your families.

Robin sang an adorable song to Ray…

Time for the Hora!!

Here’s Ray taking my picture.  I’m not sure how it turned out…

And I see there was another photographer on the dance floor!

I’m not exactly sure what the guys were doing here, but it is an entertaining photo!

For the last song of the night, Robin and Ray danced to “All You Need is Love” as all their friends sang along in a circle around them.  What a great, great way to end the night…

Robin and Ray, you two are seriously amazing together!!  What a perfectly matched couple!  Thank you so much for allowing me into your lives for the past year.  Thanks also to Michelle Hoberman of Effortless Events for introducing me to Robin’s parents, and for putting together such a beautiful wedding and reception!




  • robin · Posted July 25, 2012 at 5:20 pm · Link · Reply

    Wow! What an amazing and unforgetable night. These pictures take me right back there. Love!

    • Firefly Universe Blog · Posted July 26, 2012 at 6:29 am · Link · Reply

      I’m so happy they take you back Robin, and also so happy that you can actually remember this wonderful night!! I hardly have any recollection of my wedding…such a whirlwind!

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