Perfect Day For Urban Family Portraits! {St. Louis Children's Photographer}

December 12, 2014 · Family Bonds, Kiddos

I had a blast downtown with this adorable family last month!  This is the 3rd time I’ve been given the honor of making their family portraits over the past few years, and I think these are my favorites (I loved the other two sessions too though)!  The leaves were still beautiful, the sun was shining, and we even got the perfect amount of wind.  Here are some highlights from our shoot!

st-louis-childrens-photographer (3)st-louis-childrens-photographer (2) st-louis-childrens-photographer (7)st-louis-childrens-photographer (6)st-louis-childrens-photographer (4)st-louis-childrens-photographer (5)st-louis-childrens-photographer (1)st-louis-childrens-photographer (8)st-louis-childrens-photographer (9)



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