Women's Weekend 9 {St. Louis Lifestyle Photographer}

January 9, 2015 · Events, Vacations

Last Fall, I was able to attend Women’s Weekend 9.  It was my fifth time going to this amazing retreat that happens once in the Spring and once in the Fall every year.  Each time I go to Women’s Weekend, my experience is different, but the location and the women who attend hold a precious energy that is undeniably unique.  I didn’t take quite as many photos this time, because it takes away from my experience when I see everything through a tiny rectangle on the back of my camera instead with my unobstructed eyes, but the moments I captured still take me back in time and get me excited about Women’s Weekend 10 in April!!


At the beginning of every retreat, Dianna holds an opening ceremony with a gentle yoga class.  Here she is as she prepares to begin our class.  Look at her beautiful smile!  It was an awesome way to kick off the retreat, but I didn’t get any pictures because I participated in the entire class.

womens-weekend (1)

Recently, attendees have been able to enjoy (SUP Yoga) Standup Paddle Board Yoga (one of my favorite activities).  I missed it this time because I stayed on the dock to take photos, so I hope I don’t miss it in the Spring!

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My favorite place for savasana (so far) is on a paddle board.  My face feels the warmth of the sun from far, far above with its powerful energy. The air breezes across the palms of my hands as the back of my hands rest gently on the top of the cool, soft water.  The water connects to the Earth below and stretches out to a land that supports gently swaying, living, breathing trees, that reach up to touch the sky.  With each breath, I feel the connection of everything that exists.  Aaaaahhhhhh……..

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This year was the first year that we had Hoop Dance at Women’s Weekend!!  I was so excited to introduce Dianna to Michelle Schaeffer, the most amazing Hoop Dance instructor I know, and even more excited to find out that Michelle was able to attend!  What a fun class!

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My friend Jen took the picture of me on the right!  Thanks Jen!

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See you in the Spring Camp Manitowa!

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Women’s Weekend 9 {St. Louis Lifestyle Photographer}

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