A Good and Sure Cure For Measles

August 28, 2011 · Just Plain Fun Info, Uncategorized

This is my first blog post that doesn’t have a photo in it (although, I am tempted to go find one anyway).  This was too long for Facebook, so I thought I’d add it to my blog for your reading enjoyment.  I was so excited to find a book in my pantry that my Mom in Law gave me 8 years ago called Mrs. Esther Levy’s Jewish Cookery Book (The First Jewish Cookbook Published in America…1871).  This is the first time I really looked through it, as I originally never thought I would use it.  Little did I know….it is a treasure trove of wonderment and fun.

It turns out that I found the cure for measles in this book!  Can you believe they had a cure back in 1871??  So why in the world isn’t this horrible disease eradicated yet?

When a doctor cannot be had in a hurry, take a peck of bran, put it into a wash kettle, and let it boil; make it like a thick poultice; put it into a washtub or bath; set the child in it as warm as it can bear it; then have ready another bath, with a quarter of a pound of saleratus in hot water; put the child immediately into it, and bathe it well; after which take it out quickly, and roll it in a woollen blanket; put it into bed, and keep it as warm as possible.  Give to the child a drink of strong sage and saffron tea; the measles will be all out in twenty-four hours. Be sure to take care the child does not take cold, although the saleratus will prevent that.

Measles gone in 24 hours!!!  Wow!

By the way, I wonder when we stopped using “it” in reference to a generic child and start using “he”?  Interesting……

Now, if your child is asleep, go give it a kiss and make sure it’s covered up.  Be glad it doesn’t have to worry about measles, but know that if (G-d forbid) it gets them, I have the cure right here for you.

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