Newborn Baby Girl {St. Louis Newborn Portrait Photographer} Firefly Universe Fine Portrait Photography

June 24, 2012 · Family Bonds, Just Born

Congratulations to the “R” Family on their first-born baby girl!!  Little “A” was actually two weeks old during these portraits because this family managed, somehow, to move to a new state only a week after having a baby!  Wow!  I’m so happy that I was given the honor of capturing “A’s” newborn portraits while she was still tiny…

I requested kissing for these next few shots, and Dad went straight to kissing Mom!  She, however, told him to kiss the baby, not her, and said “no one cares about me…it’s the baby!”  Mom, you have done so much to bring this perfect child into the world, and you are absolutely cared for and loved by your family!!  You deserve kisses just as much as your beautiful baby girl. : )

Blog comments make me sooo happy!!!!  Thanks in advance for any love you leave…


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