Alia! {St. Louis Bat Mitzvah Photographer}

March 19, 2015 · Get to Know You Sessions, Kiddos

I truly can’t believe that this young lady is about to become a Bat Mitzvah.  Her mom is one of the first people I met when we moved back to St. Louis eight years ago, and has become one of my closest friends.  I won’t be taking the photos of her Bat Mitzvah rehearsal or the celebration that will happen after the big day, and that’s both horrible and wonderful.  It is horrible that I won’t be the one to document the nervous moments, the joyous laughs, the sighs of relief, and the beaming smiles of pride that will be on the faces of those who attend.  But it is so wonderful that I will be fully present in every moment, and able to see it all through my unobstructed eyes rather than behind a tiny viewfinder.

Luckily, I was still able to capture a few moments during this important time in Alia’s life.  Her mom emailed me today, frantically asking if I happened to have any recent photos to submit for the synagogue bulletin.  Since I didn’t have any images worthy of the request, I offered to take a few shots today, edit their favorite one, and email it in time to make it into the bulletin.  I would have loved to have spent thirty minutes with Alia, but then it would have taken me three weeks to edit and deliver the images.  We literally only spent FOUR minutes outside in my new backyard and I was able to capture what I think are some pretty beautiful shots of this girl!

This first one was actually my test shot, but it captured such an authentic expression that I had to share it!


I figured we should probably get some smiles for the bulletin though.

st-louis-bat-mitzvah-photographer (1)

What a cutie!!

st-louis-bat-mitzvah-photographer (2)

Mazel tov Alia!!  I love you!  ~Neshama

Alia! {St. Louis Bat Mitzvah Photographer}

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