The December 5th Fund {St. Louis Lifestyle Photographer}

December 12, 2018 · Events, Family Bonds, Snapshots

On Sunday, an incredible organization extended their generosity and kindness to my little brother Jesse, his wife Alecia, and their four children. The December 5th Fund brought approximately 30 volunteers out to my brother’s house to clean up and organize every floor and room, the front porch and back deck, and the garage. Along with local businesses, the organization donated time, furniture, gift cards, plants, bedding, household necessities, and so much more. While they worked to take care of the mess that cancer has brought into Jesse and Alecia’s home, they gave Jesse, Alecia, and their closest friends and family members a very special day to help them forget about the fight that we’ve all been battling together over the last nine months. You can read more about the organization by visiting their website. Here are some images from the first two-thirds of the day…

The day started with a delicious breakfast at Rooster on South Grand. I’m so happy Jesse liked my suggestion to go there since they offer great vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options (there were seven of us picky eaters), as well as lots of meat options to satisfy the rest of the group!

After breakfast, a smaller group had fun bowling for two hours at Pin Up Bowl on Delmar Blvd. in the U. City Loop!

As Jesse, Alecia, and the kids headed to the Blues Game, I went to their house to get some shots of the beautiful job the volunteers had done. What an unbelievable amount of Love they contributed. My heart is swelling.

Thank you to all of the volunteers and businesses who helped make this day special!

The December 5th Fund {St. Louis Lifestyle Photographer}


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    Wonderful pictures Neshama. Keeping you & your family in my thoughts.

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