Our Baby's Bat Mitzvah {St. Louis Family & Bat Mitzvah Photographer}

September 9, 2020 · Events

Well, aside from the fact that we’ve been living the strange reality into which the COVID-19 pandemic has forced us over the last six months, somehow our youngest child celebrated her Bat Mitzvah this Labor Day weekend and will turn thirteen next week! Although “L’s” Bat Mitzvah was very different than our first two children’s B’nai Mitzvah, it was, in a way, possibly a little more special. We were limited on the number of guests we could invite into the sanctuary. We all signed waivers to enter the synagogue, wore masks, and sat at least six feet apart from other families. Sadly, we had to leave out a lot of people we love, but we are grateful to have been able to invite at least a few of our closest family members and friends to witness and take part in an intimate ceremony. Most of these images are from the Bat Mitzvah rehearsal. I’ve also included two family portraits we were able to create in a park on Saturday afternoon.

Holding our breath!

Our Baby’s Bat Mitzvah {St. Louis Family & Bat Mitzvah Photographer}

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